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Photo Amador Rodríguez López

Brothers growing among the flower beds of the organoponic

Talking about the semi-protected organoponic La Playita, it is practically obligatory to recognize the work of the Díaz Martinez brothers, who grow among the stonecutters of this productive agricultural facility located in the municipality of Majagua.

Omar, 57 years old and an agronomist engineer, and Berto, 64 years old and a teacher by profession, remember, among other difficult moments of the last four years, the floods and the strong winds caused by atmospheric phenomena that damaged areas in the southwest of the province.

Both were also initiators at the municipality level of the process of leasing organopnics and although they currently have difficulties with the acquisition of implements so necessary for the application of organic matter such as shovels and wheelbarrows, the will to win that characterizes them does not prevent them from undertaking new endeavors every morning.

Having in production crops such as garlic, leeks, coriander, chard and parsley for direct delivery to the mother’s home and to the grandparents’ house, nearby priority centers, is a stimulating reason for being, as well as having turned their work areas into an annex classroom of the polytechnic institute «Constructores del 2000».

With the arrival of the cold season, the delivery is increased so that more than a dozen varieties of vegetables take possession of the 45 beds that make up the installation in favor of food habits to which the Díaz Martínez brothers contribute to keep activated all the mechanisms in which talent and dedication are combined.

Photo Amador Rodríguez López

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