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Latin American Medicine Day

Tribute to those who care for health and life

A marked vocation of service to humanity is the feeling that moves those who dedicate themselves to the noble profession of workers in the medical sector.

In different specialties: doctors, nurses, lab technicians…, are essential in society to provide it with welfare and happiness.

Those in charge of restoring and preserving man’s most precious treasure: health, have the privilege and the commitment to be closer to the human being.

Most of them are dressed in impeccable white, although sometimes they wear green or light blue, if they are surgeons or intensivists, but more than their investiture, it is the instinct to help and aid that makes them work night and day, any day of the week, on festive or mournful dates, under cyclones, intense heat or cold.

Always indispensable, they are equally useful in hospital wards, polyclinic dispensaries, family doctor’s offices, mothers’ and grandparents’ homes, schools, factories, children’s circles, airports…

Their range of action touches the whole society, since they are necessary in the attention to the hospitalized patient and the ambulatory one, to the one who requires a surgery, in the vaccination campaigns, the preventive researches of diseases, or from house to house in functions of field to chronic or bedridden patients.

Specialists in any branch of health care never retire, because even when they retire, they continue to serve their families, neighbors and friends. It is a kind of priesthood for life.

They spend hours and hours with patients, both to carry out the prescribed treatments, monitor their reactions, condition and evolution, and to assist the multiple needs of the patient and their families.

They excel in caring for the wounded in wars, the victims of natural disasters, the injured in accidents and catastrophes…, the greater the risk and the greater the need, the more they grow. The pain of others is not alien to them.

Cuban medical personnel have demonstrated to the world their internationalist essence, when thousands and thousands have taken medical assistance to the top of the Himalayas, to the jungle, to indigenous communities, to cities and towns, in situations of peace or war, under intense cold, in aid tasks after earthquakes and natural catastrophes, in any place of the geography where they are needed.

Every December 3, the Latin American Medicine Day is celebrated to pay tribute to the sector, coinciding with the birthday of the Cuban scholar Carlos Juan Finlay y Barrés, born in Camagüey in 1833, who discovered the transmitting agent of yellow fever.

There is no greater work than the one that involves the health and life of people, that is why those who practice with efficiency and conscience the different medical specialties are at a high level of human dignity.

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