En este momento estás viendo Tigres tie baseball playoff with national champs
Photo: Boris Luis Cabrera Acosta

Tigres tie baseball playoff with national champs

The Tigres de Ciego de Avila continued to break the odds and knocked out the Leñadores de Las Tunas 10-0 on Tuesday to level the quarter-final playoff of the LXIII National Baseball Series.

After beating the reigning national champions the day before, Dany Miranda’s felines, aggressive in their natural habitat at the José Ramón Cepero Stadium, returned to incinerate their opponents with their own firewood.

A solo blast by Héctor Labrada in the second inning sparked the spark and three runs an inning later served to chase the defeated starter Alejandro Meneses off the mound.

Four consecutive hits, including a double by Rubén Valdés that brought two teammates home and a single by Osvaldo Vázquez that drove in another, gave the Avileños an unassailable lead.

Two more in the fourth act pushed in by Liosvany Pérez and another in the sixth by Ronald Castillo – all three to Anier Pérez’s record – fanned the bonfire where the Tuneras’ hopes burned.

Gustavo Brito hit a two-run homer with Alexis Batista in the box to complete a pair of runs in the eighth and Labrada, who started the party, ended it with a run-scoring single.

Kevin Soto did a commendable job against an offensively notorious troop, walking a seven-inning stretch without allowing any walks to take credit for the game.

Tomorrow afternoon, both teams will play the fifth game of this best-of-seven match at the Tigers’ home ground.

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