En este momento estás viendo Ticket platform available for Avilanians

Ticket platform available for Avilanians

The Ticket platform, developed by the Defense Information Technologies Company (Xetid) is now available for Avilanians to book an appointment and access notary services.

Tailis Armenteros Quiñones, Deputy Provincial Director of Justice, explained that with the implementation of this virtual channel, the possibility offered through basic telephony is suspended.

She assured that there will be three appointments per notary public and the reservation will be made 24 hours in advance; however, a small number of appointments will be kept for the attention of people with disabilities.

The access to such tool is through the web at https://ticket.xutil.net/ or download the application through Apklis or the Ticket group in Telegram.

Developed by Xetid territorial division in Villa Clara, the platform is used with favorable results in that central province, Havana and Pinar del Río,

By activating this digital alternative, the Ministry of Justice acknowledged on its website that it helps to avoid hoarding and resale of appointments for high-demand legal services, as well as long lines and unnecessary waste of time.

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