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They take advantage of the benefits of the local development project

From an economic point of view, the local development project of the Avilanian municipality of Morón, Self-sustainable Agroecological Farm, managed by Dagoberto Alamino González, should leave positive results for this territory for all that is expected to be produced in its areas, the time in which the initial investment and the profits it will generate for its members will be recovered.

The economist José Ruiz Ramos, who is linked to this venture, explained that it is a very innovative project based on the protein content of moringa, although it is planned to obtain, in addition to feed animals, the oil from its seeds, with the aim of using it in the pharmaceutical industry.

It is also intended to promote various crops, the breeding of different species of small livestock such as pigs, rabbits, sheep and poultry, aquaculture and renewable energies such as wind and biogas will be used, in a closed cycle of production through which the initial investment should be recovered in approximately two years.

Food production is one of the fundamental tasks carried out in the country, and this includes the recovery of idle land plagued by invasive plants such as the marabou, an intense work that little by little is carried out in the development project local Self-sustaining agro-ecological farm, and that demands the attention of the authorities of the territory. (Written by Llamil Ruiz González)

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