En este momento estás viendo They advocate in Morón for benefits to vulnerable communities

They advocate in Morón for benefits to vulnerable communities

The monetary figure that will be allocated this year in the Avilanian municipality of Morón to the execution of 40 actions reaches 10 million pesos, including solutions in housing, urban planning and basic services, in four of the six councils popular.

With citizen participation, they will work in the East, West, Turiguanó and Patria popular councils, so that they will cover eight communities and one neighborhood, in addition to responding to proposals from voters in five constituencies.

The resources and efforts will be used to improve the quality of life in settlements in vulnerable conditions, including Fajardo, La Serrana, La Garita, El Palmar, La Madrid, Santa Bárbara, Edén, El Embarcadero and El Paraíso, most of which are located in rural areas.

In those places they foresee road repairs, repairs in schools, medical offices, warehouses, bus stops, social circles and video rooms; the construction of parks, cleaning of areas affected by the marabú, deliveries of resources to remove dirt floors and monitoring of vulnerable cases.

Likewise, improvements in public lighting and actions to benefit mothers with three or more children under 17 years of age are conceived, the latter in correspondence with the priorities established in the Program of Attention to Demographic Dynamics.

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