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Caring for everyone’s home

Hospitals are like houses that belong to everyone because at some point in life each person inhabits them for some time, since in these buildings one is born, recovers health and even dies, hence it is a duty to take care of them to the maximum.

Every year, substantial investments are made in the hospitals of Ciego de Ávila and Morón to improve the conditions of their buildings and, as a consequence, their health care services.

Recently, several agencies in the province undertook works on their exteriors and in hospitalization and care rooms for different specialties.

The constructive actions in the avilanian hospitals are frequent, due to the deterioration suffered by these institutions because of the high flow of people who move around at all hours, day after day, both patients and their companions and workers of the different areas.

It is well known that there has been little care taken with the constructive elements, especially with the hydraulic structures, bathroom fittings and furniture, which generates inconveniences and complaints.

There is a constant call for citizen awareness to keep the Doctor Antonio Luaces Iraola Hospital in Ciego de Ávila and the Roberto Rodriguez Hospital in Morón in good condition, because they are undoubtedly everyone’s home.

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