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The united vote is an act of patriotism

When the next day 26 Cuban citizens attend the polls they will be complying with the right and responsibility to validate their representatives before Parliament for a new stage of government.

Legitimizin the National Assembly of People’s Power through a united vote will be an act of patriotism and a necessary strategy of the nation.

The candidates are the result of the proposals of the commissions of candidacies that are made up of mass organizations and social, that is to say, of the people and have recognized merits in the activities they develop.

The routes of the nominees as deputies to the Parliament so that they know the economic and social situation of their territories and, above all, listen to the opinion of the population on the most important issues of life in the country.

Given the difficult conditions that Cuba is going through, the next legislature will have a special dynamic in terms of their debates and decisions, to solve complex problems in an effort to improve the living conditions of the population.

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