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Singer-songwriter Liuba María Hevia creates expectations in Bolivia

The concert to be given this Thursday by Cuban singer-songwriter Liuba María Hevia at the Teatro Doña Albina in La Paz, Bolivia, is generating high expectations, said Enrique Claros, cultural manager of Producciones R, today.

«We consider the presence of this artist at this moment in time to be a happy event, it is very important that she arrives after a great career following her triumphant tours of Latin America and Europe,» Claros assured Prensa Latina.

The cultural promoter maintained that the troubadour’s contributions are relevant because although she writes songs, her works have a high musical and poetic value.

He insisted that there is great public expectation for her presence on this central La Paz stage in the Sopocachi neighbourhood, where she will meet again with those who know her almost three decades after her first and only visit to Bolivia.

«It is not often that an artist of her stature arrives in La Paz, and we will also be happy that she will meet many of our country’s creators, because we are already predicting some surprises,» Claros told this news agency.

He anticipated that the show will include the presence of a contemporary dancer, who will perform on stage one of the songs that Hevia will interpret.

He informed that the emblematic Cuban voice will also share two songs with a Bolivian singer-songwriter, Jenny Cárdenas, a concept that forms part of the Producciones R line, with the aim that the Latin American and Spanish artists who arrive interact with their Bolivian colleagues.

«Hopefully, from there, projects will emerge,» Claros emphasised.

The representative of Producciones R insisted that this is an opportunity for the public of La Paz to enjoy an artist of international stature.

We invite everyone to come to the Doña Albina theatre this Thursday,» Claros reiterated, «tickets are available at ticketsline.arte.bo and at the box office.

The cultural promoter thanked José Bonavitas, who was the manager of the late Cuban troubadour Santiago Feliú in South America, through whom he was able to contact Hevia’s production company since September 2023.

He regretted that their agendas only coincided now, when this presentation could finally be arranged.

«It is very important that international singer-songwriters from our America perform for Bolivian audiences, so we are very happy,» he confessed.

Claros commented that with shows of this kind, Producciones R seeks to generate confidence in the Bolivian public.

«We want people to trust us again and return to enjoy good art in the theatres so that we can then organise more concerts,» he said.

With 18 years in show business, this production company prioritises work with creators from Latin America and Spain.

«We seek to place great emphasis on language, lyrics and songs, which is why we have worked a lot with singer-songwriters and with different genres in our country, as well as jazz and blues festivals,» he explained.

Claros reported that the company also brings Bolivian artists to border countries because in general they promote the policy of integration with the aim of creating cultural corridors in the continent.

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