En este momento estás viendo Russian-Chinese relations are at highest level, says Putin

Russian-Chinese relations are at highest level, says Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin, in an interview with the Xinhua news agency, said that relations between Moscow and Beijing have reached the highest level in their history, the Kremlin said today.

In his words, prior to his visit to the Asian giant, the Russian leader stressed that interaction between the two countries does not depend on ideology or the political situation.

«For three quarters of a century our countries have travelled a long and sometimes difficult road. We have taken full account of the historical experience of our relations. Today we see the powerful impetus for rapid comprehensive development provided by the combination of complementary advantages,» Putin stressed. In this regard, he considered it important for modern Russian-Chinese ties to be independent of ideology and political conjuncture.

Their multifaceted development is a conscious strategic choice based on the broad coincidence of fundamental national interests, deep mutual trust, strong public support and sincere friendship of the peoples of the two countries, he explained.

He further specified that these are «joint efforts to strengthen sovereignty, protect territorial integrity and security, and in a broader sense, for the promotion of the development and prosperity of Russia and China by enhancing equitable and mutually beneficial cooperation.

This interrelationship is in the economic and humanitarian spheres, on strengthening foreign policy coordination for the sake of building a just multipolar world order. «All this predetermines the successful future of our comprehensive and strategic partnership in the new era,» Putin added.

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