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Remembering Edel Casas

More than three decades ago, the stellar 9550 television programme launched Edel Casas, well known in the baseball world for his extensive knowledge, shrewdness and prodigious memory, to popularity.

Born on 24 July 1925 in Morón, Ciego de Ávila, Cuba, he always had an obsessive passion for baseball to the point of being able to recount a play-by-play of any era in the professional leagues of both the United States and our country.

This late sports historian and researcher had a permanent section in the programme Deportivamente on Radio Rebelde and worked for many years in the department of relations and propaganda of the national management of Inder.

I was lucky to have his friendship and, like many others, to be surprised by his incredible memory.

The permanent recognition for Edel Casas, who unintentionally is part of the history of Cuban sport and should be remembered.

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