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Lucía Altieri: I found myself in Cuba

She has lived in Cuba for 45 years and at 60 years of artistic life, she confesses why she fell in love with this country, so much so that she brought his art from Italy.

On the occasion of the recent release of her album Thanks, a new phonographic proposal presented by Empresa de Grabaciones y Ediciones Musicales (Egrem), the artist told the Cuban News Agency her story and her journey from Italy to Cuba.

Here I discovered another Lucía, she confessed, not this character who walked the world with a top stylist, in high fashion; I found myself; I fell in love with Cuba, with the Cuban woman’s way of being, so hard-working and committed to the development of her country, and I wanted to be like them.

I wanted to feel like a woman and be treated as such, not like a doll that had to do what they said and be more appearance and image than a person, and in Cuba they have recognized my value, which was what I was really looking for; that’s why I became passionate about their environment, the public and everything related to Cuban culture, added the interviewee.

Her home was the Habana Libre Hotel and it wasn’t until 1990 that she decided to stay for good, leaving behind her career in Italy to devote herself to promoting it wherever she went.

There were so many trips to Cuba that I had to cancel a program, I had to choose and I preferred to feel fulfilled and I achieved musical links, she said.

According to the singer all the artists she has brought have wanted to return and for free; maybe Cuba cannot pay for all her art, because she has other priorities, but she appreciates what she has and is grateful.

She also said that Armando Hart, Minister of Culture at that time, is part of her 60 years of career; who has given her the possibility to make these cultural exchanges that she makes until today, and the maestro Adolfo Guzmán who from the beginning wanted us to share the stage together and it was a success.

The woman of yesterday and today

People discovered more about me during the pandemic through the Internet, and many ask why I have not made myself known and it is that I am not so much interested in Lucia Artieri as in Cuban music and doing things for Cuba; that is why I have not sought here what I had in Italy, she added.

Lucía Altieri has liked singing since she was a child, that’s why she doesn’t think she had a start in music, although she remembers when she entered the Voces Nuevas contest and among 10 thousand contestants she was one of the winners.

Among ACN’s questions about what defines her to this day, she expressed her satisfaction with the way she has carried out her career.

I have lived these 60 years to the fullest; life has been very good to me, I have been successful in all the countries I have visited, I studied opera singing and this has given me the opportunity to try several genres, to train professionally, to participate in several festivals such as San Remo in Italy, the world festival in Rio de Janeiro, among other events that made these 60 years a movie and I can only say «Thank you», like my new album, she confesses.

Thanks, which translated into Spanish means thank you, is an international paradigm; a musical selection that marks the closing of a cycle of hard work, a lot of music, many hits, great stages, great orchestras, great conductors and great musicians who have accompanied Lucia, said the artist.

They are very personal products, she emphasizes, I identify myself in each song and I think of the different stages of my life and what I am today.

Lucia Artieri, besides loving her profession, dedicates time to herself; she likes to cook, be at home, receive friends, sometimes enjoys moments of solitude when she has things to do, travel mainly to the Isle of Youth, Varadero, Santiago de Cuba where she has done concerts and television.

Also, I go to Italy to see my son and grandson, but I always come back because Cuba is missed and I feel that I fulfilled my goal by staying here and achieving closer ties between Cuba and Italy, she confesses.

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