En este momento estás viendo Price control and agriculture on the agenda of Cuban deputies

Price control and agriculture on the agenda of Cuban deputies

Deputies of Cuba’s National Assembly of People’s Power (parliament, ANPP) today pay special attention to how the strengthening of agriculture and the measures adopted for price control in the Caribbean country are progressing.

In recent meetings at the National Capitol, the seat of the legislature, parliamentarians analyzed, together with executives from various sectors, the progress made in these key areas for the largest of the Antilles.

The president of the ANPP, Esteban Lazo, called in those meetings to take a different look at Cuban agriculture, to achieve a leap in programs included in food production, with the sensitivity and commitment it requires.

The parliamentary leader stressed that «it is urgent today to do things differently: in the fields, in the cooperatives, and the enterprises, with the awareness that everything we achieve will depend on ourselves and that our people need it».

Mr. Lazo also praised the analysis of the partial report of the high audit of the Agriculture sector, carried out this Thursday, before its presentation in the next ordinary period of sessions of the X Legislature, and described it as transcendental due to the importance of agricultural production for the Caribbean country and the welfare of its citizens.

For his part, the Minister of Agriculture, Ydael Jesús Pérez, insisted on the commitment of his portfolio to the task of producing food for the people, despite the economic and material shortages, technological obsolescence, and other difficulties.

According to information disclosed by the ANPP on its website, the deputies evaluated the day before the impact on the population of the high prices of consumer goods and services.

The legislators analyzed the main causes that have led to the current situation and the ineffectiveness of the actions applied in this matter.

In this regard, the Minister of Finance and Prices, Vladimir Regueiro, indicated that there is a lack of commitment and discipline in the application of price controls «and although progress has been made in the organization of a working system, there are still problems of lack of homogeneity, discipline, and systematicity in general».

In this sense, Lazo called to maintain greater rigor and control, as well as to work with responsibility due to the importance of the subject, taking into account the current economic scenario of the country.

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