En este momento estás viendo President of Cuba shared with young people from the United States (+Photos)

President of Cuba shared with young people from the United States (+Photos)

The president, Miguel Díaz-Canel, shared with more than 100 young people from the US brigade Let Cuba Live, who are on a solidarity visit with the cause of Cuba and Palestine, an official source informed today.

In a message released on X, the Cuban leader highlighted the emotions he recently experienced when exchanging with the members of this youth group who, he wrote, «were walking the island and talking to its people».

He also announced that the public will be able to hear about these experiences from the protagonists themselves on his podscat From the Presidency, which will be published this week – the President’s informative space on YouTube.

Díaz-Canel described as «admirable» the young people who, he said, are making a revolution «in the belly of the monster» (life in the United States).

In another tweet, the head of state was photographed among the hundred or so young Americans and with a message in which he said: «Palestine hurts, and it must hurt us every day that we do not do something for it. This is where the world’s struggle for justice and dignity is defined today.

In the publication, the Cuban president also warned that «the weight of history will fall on those who insist on remaining indifferent to the massacre committed by the Israeli army in the territories of Palestine.

In this sense, he reaffirmed that Cuba will continue to be on the side of the non-conformists.

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