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The precious tuber is a very nutritious food. Photos taken from the Internet

Presence of potatoes in Avilanian markets

The presence these days of potatoes in markets in Ciego de Ávila constitutes an excellent alternative in the menu of the families for the diversity of preparations that can be made with this viand.

Fried, boiled, in salads and even in sweets, the potato is a very useful in the kitchen of Cubans who combine it with all kinds of meats, in croquettes, as add to broths, soups and beans and in any recipe that arises from popular ingenuity.

The precious tuber is a highly nutritious food that performs energetic functions due to its high starch content and carbohydrates, and various health benefits are attributed to it.

The fertile lands of the province of Ciego de Ávila are propitious for the potato cultivation, although the harvest of recent years does not satisfy the great demand for this edible.

Nutrition specialists ensure that the healthiest way to consume the potatoes and take advantage of all its contribution is by cooking them with skin and steamed.

Medical research states that «Potatoes are a great source of potassium, a nutrient that helps balance the body and reduce blood pressure arterial, protecting the heart and reducing the risk of brain-vascular accident. In addition, fiber and vitamins C and B6 help prevent heart disease.

It is worth taking advantage of the short stay of the aforementioned crop in Avilanian agricultural markets to delight this tuber in all the varieties that it allows its consumption.

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