En este momento estás viendo Workers’ party to continue putting hands and heart to the homeland
As every year, the people of Ciego de Ávila will animate the Workers' Festival / Photo by Alejandro García

Workers’ party to continue putting hands and heart to the homeland

The joy and color that characterizes the parades for the International Workers’ Day, displaced this year by inclement weather, returns today to the streets of Ciego de Avila to reaffirm the people’s commitment to the Homeland.

This Friday dawns earlier because workers, artists, intellectuals, scientists, peasants, entrepreneurs… come out from all the neighborhoods, with flags and posters, to participate in the great proletarian party.

Union sections of all the unions have already organized their performance in the parade, with the slogans and allegories that identify the activity they carry out.

The bustle of the crowd encourages the firm step of hundreds and hundreds of Avilanians, who in each point of the province will have the same revelry of workers and their families.

Like never before, this transferred May Day will be an opportunity to show the world the continuity of the people’s support for the social system and its highest leadership.

Celebrating International Workers’ Day to continue putting A La Patria Manos Y Corazón.

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