En este momento estás viendo Practical educational collective agronomy event held in Majagua
Excellent day of skills activities by the first year agronomy group/Photos: Amador Rodríguez López

Practical educational collective agronomy event held in Majagua

A practical skills event aimed at demonstrating the knowledge acquired was held by the first year students of the Agronomy course at the «Constructores del 2000» educational institution in the municipality of Majagua.

The exercises included: harnessing and unharnessing oxen, preparing areas for sowing with animal traction, tying and untying different knots, as well as saddling horses and moving on the horse’s back.

The specialist Edilio Miranda Ledesma, who was in charge of the activity as a guiding teacher, described the event as successful, considering the quality of the presentations of the skills in agricultural and livestock work shown by the students, preparation that will also allow them to take on new challenges.

Among the peculiarities of the event was that the students with the best results competed against each other and the rest of the enrolment formed part of the evaluation tribunal in each of the areas, two outstanding students in the specialty of accounting occupied the table of computation and statistical control, while a graduate of the centre in the specialty of veterinary medicine formed part of the jury.

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