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Powdered milk guaranteed for March

The arrival of a ship from Brazil with 375 tons of powdered milk guarantees the distribution of milk powder to children from zero to six years of age in the next few days.

The arrival of a ship from Brazil, with 375 tons of powdered milk, guarantees the distribution for children between zero and six years of age in the next few days, Alberto Lopez Diaz, Minister of Food Industry, informed the press.

He added that 500 tons of milk have been contracted with the United States, by virtue of the exceptions established by that government to sell certain products to the island, through immediate payment in cash; as well as 245 from Canada, 500 more from Brazil, and 600 from other suppliers.

He clarified that the country consumes 2,000 tons of powdered milk per month, destined for children, diets, pregnant women and social consumption, so these imports guarantee stability in the distribution for the months of March and April.

In previous days, the distribution of powdered milk for children from six months to six years of age, to whom a milk formula was delivered, was affected, but the product is already guaranteed.

He said that in some territories with productive capacity, such as Villa Clara, Santi Spíritus and Camagüey, there were no problems, because they made up for the deficit with fresh milk.

López Díaz said that the contracted milk collection plans are not being fulfilled; but from the controls to the producers, the follow-up and the demand, the situation is expected to be reverted.

Regarding the bread of the standard family basket, in view of the unavailability of wheat flour, he commented that, according to the productions of each territory, the local authorities have been making determinations for the destinations.

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