En este momento estás viendo Actions against arbovirosis persist in Majagua

Actions against arbovirosis persist in Majagua

The high rates of infestation of the Aedes genus mosquito and the constant appearance of febrile cases, make the municipality of Majagua maintain a risk situation regarding the transmission of arboviral diseases.

Gilberto Suárez Hernández, deputy director of Hygiene and Epidemiology here, pointed out that the largest number of cases are located in the main town and in the town of Orlando González, places where the greatest actions to combat the harmful vector are directed.

Although in recent days, the source argued, there has been a slight decrease in reactivity in terms of IGMs, analyzes carried out on patients with symptoms of having contracted dengue, it is not a reason to neglect the measures aimed at, among them, going immediately to health institutions.

Also due to the complex situation that the territory presents, it is established that the auto focal in homes and workplaces be carried out every 5 days and not every 7 as indicated above, while residents are requested to be visited by the members of the campaign against vectors the maximum attention regarding the guidelines aimed at stopping contagion.

Much is striking in correspondence with the foci of breeding sites detected that the highest number is located inside inhabited houses, which shows how in the decisive fight against diseases, a greater perception of risks is still required on the part of the population.

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