Pork Company with special offers for the purchase of pigs

Photo: Osvaldo Gutiérrez Gómez

The Avilanian Pork Company is offering special offers for the purchase of pork, due to the approaching festivities for the end of the year and the 64th anniversary of the triumph of the Revolution.

According to Madelaine Carrazana Domínguez, representative of the Company in Primero de Enero, individuals and legal entities can sell pigs of 30 kilograms or more, at 230 pesos per pound and are sold two small animals for each sold.

Another option guarantees payment at 200 pesos per pound, the right to purchase two small animals for each sold and the sale of two kilograms of national starter feed, depending on the meat delivered.

Another option pays a little more than 444 pesos per kilogram of live pig and sells two tons of national starter feed, plus 15 percent of the commercial margin and other facilities; while another option pays four MLC per kilogram of live pig.

The Avilanian Pork Company offers several options for the sale of pork to interested parties, who will obtain more information at the company’s headquarters, located in the Georgina Popular Council.

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