En este momento estás viendo Israeli government shirks responsibility and represses demonstrators

Israeli government shirks responsibility and represses demonstrators

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu persists today in shirking his responsibilities, following the escalation of police treatment of protesters outside the Knesset (Parliament) over the past three weeks.

In its opinion column, the local daily Haaretz noted that October 7 was a day of failure for Netanyahu and his government, yet he continues to evade his obligations.

According to the newspaper, the ultra-right-winger maintains his refusal to resign and shows an insensitive attitude towards the affected families by not attending the funerals of the Israelis killed in Gaza.

At the same time, he considered that the police repression increased against the demonstrators who demanded Netanyahu’s departure, as well as the arrest of some for interrogation, justifying his action by not allowing violations of public order.

Haaretz also noted that Israelis cannot expect the prime minister to be more concerned about his political survival than anything else.

According to the publication, thousands of people have been protesting in Tel Aviv since October 7 against the management of Netanyahu and his government, which they blame for the great failure and demanded the prompt release of all detainees in the Gaza Strip.

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