En este momento estás viendo Pineapple planting is promoted in Ciego de Avila
The pineapple plantations color the landscape of Avila's fields PHOTO taken from the Internet

Pineapple planting is promoted in Ciego de Avila

Thanks to the scientific work of the Bioplant Center of Ciego de Avila, pineapple planting is diversified in state and private areas of the territory.

The variety of pineapple called Cabezona, obtained by biotechnology processes, is currently marketed in increasing quantities to propagate its harvest.

Avila farmers are interested in dedicating their land to pineapple plantations, a fruit that is highly appreciated by national consumers and is also attracting the interest of exporters, due to the acceptance it is gaining in the international market.

In experimental areas of the Bioplants Center, the pineapple 'Cabezona' already produces fruits, in an intervention of science applied to agriculture to improve harvests.

In addition to pineapple varieties, the Avila institution is diversifying production with cabbage and sugarcane seedlings for commercialization.

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