En este momento estás viendo Physical Culture and Sports Day Celebrated in Ciego de Avila
Foto: Roberto Morejón

Physical Culture and Sports Day Celebrated in Ciego de Avila

The political-cultural gala was attended by Osvaldo Vento Montiller, president of Inder, and the highest authorities of the province.

The political-cultural gala for the Day of Physical Culture and Sports in Cuba, held on Thursday at the Giraldo Córdova Cardín Roofed Hall in Ciego de Avila, was marked by well-deserved awards.

For its results and the effort made in the last stage, this province deserved to host the central activities, which already have the presence here of Osvaldo Vento Montiller, president of Inder.

The gala allowed the Provincial Directorate of Inder, on behalf of the workers of the sector, to receive recognition from various agencies and organizations, including those of the government and the Provincial Committee of the Party in the territory.

Livan Izquierdo Alonso, first secretary of the Party, and Alfre Menéndez Pérez, governor of Ciego de Ávila, also presided over the activity which was attended by student-athletes, sports teachers, and other workers in the sector.

The Provincial Directorate of Inder recognized the participants from Avila in the recent XIX Pan American Games, sports glories, outstanding workers, and entities of decisive support to its management.

Local artists joined in the festivities with dance and musical performances. The highlight was provided by Dayanis Gutiérrez and her group, whose contagious rhythm made many of those present in the multipurpose hall dance.

This Friday, due to the forecasted weather conditions, the event scheduled to take place at the José Ramón Cepero Stadium will not be held. The head of Inder will tour sports centers of interest in the province.

A recreational sports festival has been scheduled for Sunday in this city, which aims to mobilize people of all ages.

The celebrations for the Day of Physical Culture and Sports pay tribute this year to the centenary of José Ramón Fernández Álvarez, Hero of the Republic of Cuba and honorary and life president of the Cuban Olympic Committee.

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