En este momento estás viendo Percentage of Ciego de Avila’s population with digital TV coverage increases

Percentage of Ciego de Avila’s population with digital TV coverage increases

More than 80 percent of the population of Ciego de Avila can watch Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT), a process of change that, in addition to being in line with the global trend in its use, is necessary to eradicate the technological obsolescence of the radio communication network in Cuba.

In statements to the Cuban News Agency, Julio Martínez Toledo, head of the Television Center and with 47 years in the Radiocuba sector in the province of Avila, said he was proud to be linked to this program, which he describes as a technological leap in the country, since it will allow freeing the 700 megahertz (MHz) band for the deployment of 4G in cellular telephony.

Since 2013 we began the assembly of the transmitters for this transition, work that today allows 87 percent of the inhabitants of the territory to tune in to digital television, although there are areas of silence, such as the municipality of Baraguá, but when the new transmitter channel works that will be solved, said Martínez Toledo.

DTT brings many benefits, including less electricity consumption for equipment and climate, rational use of towers, reduction of maintenance costs by replacing obsolete and inefficient technologies, increased coverage in television service and improvements in 4G mobile telephony.

Its implementation is included in the Infrastructure macro-program of the National Economic and Social Development Plan until 2030, and seeks a staggered transition to achieve coverage in the country over a decade.

Despite the lack of resources and technological obsolescence, Radiocuba workers in Ciego de Avila keep the radio and television transmitters in service, because they put their intellect into solving problems through innovations, which show a high percentage of effectiveness.

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