En este momento estás viendo People exercise their citizen’s right in the avilanian capital
The electoral table ready to receive each voter

People exercise their citizen’s right in the avilanian capital

Discipline and participation characterize the celebration of democracy that the country is experiencing and in particular the school number two of the ninth district of the city of Ciego de Ávila, in the voting process to elect the delegate who will represent them in the Municipal Assembly of the People’s Power.

Jany Reina Alcántara, president of said college assures that since its opening the population belonging to nine Committees for the Defense of the Revolution of the area is participating in the democratic exercise and that there are 710 registered voters.

In the morning, 33 people were also included, since they express their desire to vote, even though they live in other parts of the territory and for various reasons cannot attend their corresponding polling stations.

Proof of the interest of the population to participate in this process of local government, was the presence of an elderly woman who suffered the amputation of one of her legs, and in a wheelchair fulfilled her desire to attend the polling station to vote, even though she had the right to have the ballot taken to her home.


Luis Chinea Carvajal was the first citizen to exercise his right to vote at the opening of this electoral precinct, convinced that he was exercising a citizen’s right and at the same time fulfilling his duty to his country.

The will to exercise the democratic right took this old lady to her polling station Photos by Idania Pupo Freyre

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