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Photos: Amador Rodríguez López

Outstanding condition celebrated in Majagua

Through joy and willingness to undertake new tasks, the population of Majagua received the news that this municipality was prominent at the provincial level in the emulation for the 70th anniversary of the Moncada deed.

A contagious conga accompanied by expressive displays of satisfaction toured the main streets of the main town and it was remembered that a year ago the act of the Avilanian province was celebrated in homage to the heroes and martyrs who did not let the apostle die on the centenary of his birth .

The emotional popular feeling in the land of the blue and red sides was followed by meetings with representatives of the different sectors in which the Partisan and Government leadership specified, among other tasks, to continue the checks on the constructive actions dedicated to the heroic date and to carry out plenary meetings in the demarcations of each of the five People’s Councils to carry out tasks.

As previously reported, the municipal act for National Rebellion Day will be held in the areas of the Oil Extraction Base Business Unit, a town meeting that was set for Thursday the 20th, the date on which the opening of a part of the works that are in progress.

Also regarding July 26 in Majagua Unida, acts will be held at the level of demarcations, as well as agricultural, commercial and gastronomic fairs, and it will be an opportune moment to establish new commitments based on economic and social development in a general sense.

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