En este momento estás viendo Solidarity news channel on Cuban reality is launched in Italy

Solidarity news channel on Cuban reality is launched in Italy

The new information channel Italia x Cuba, an initiative of an organisation in solidarity with the island, is today a new platform from Rome for the fight against enemy media campaigns and the dissemination of the reality in that country.

The National Association of Italy-Cuba Friendship (Anaic) launched a few hours ago on social networks and Youtube the «Episode 0» of this news project, with the participation of communicators who are members of this group, such as Luigi Basile, Walter Persello and Anika Persiani, who contribute their professional experience to this proposal.

Persiani, a member of the Anaic circle in Florence, made the presentation of the project in this first broadcast, which, she said, aims to make Cuba’s positions known on central issues, also of interest to Italy, such as health, education, science and the environment, among many others.

It will also serve to address current issues on Cuba, such as the impact of the US economic, commercial and financial blockade on energy supply and the availability of imported products, and the complexity of satisfying the needs of the people after the intensification of these measures.

Cuban and Italian jurists will be invited to expand knowledge about the Constitution approved in 2019 in that country, and the new Family Code, among other issues that illustrate the profound humanism that characterises the Cuban Revolution since its triumph in January 1959, said the activist.

This first news programme features an interview by journalist Luigi Basile with the president of Anaic, Marco Papacci, who assessed as very positive the work of this organisation in the last year, during which it managed to send aid to the Cuban people to the value of almost 100,000 euros.

Other important actions were also carried out, such as the contribution of 27,000 euros by members of the association to finance research on the island aimed at developing a vaccine against dengue fever.

The media war against the Antillean country is very strong, said Papacci, and he pointed out that the US authorities allocate considerable financial resources to carry it out.

The president of Anaic stressed the importance of this new Italia x Cuba channel, since «disinformation is today one of the worst weapons, not only against this nation, but also against many others that today seek a different path».

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