En este momento estás viendo Official Gazette publishes Social Communication Law

Official Gazette publishes Social Communication Law

The Official Gazette published today Law 162/2023, on Social Communication, which regulates the system for the strategic and integrated management of social communication processes in the organizational, media and community spheres, and establishes the operating principles for all media.

Approved in May 2023 by the National Assembly of People’s Power, the legal norm will enter into force 120 days after its publication in this 48th ordinary edition.

The legal text includes regulations for social communication in the organizational, media, community and cyberspace spheres, as well as political communication, public good and crisis communication.

It also deals with the design of visual and industrial communication, the image of the country brand, advertising and sponsorship, communication on public roads, and contains chapters dedicated to research, development and innovation, training, preparation and improvement in Social Communication, and professional organizations in this discipline.

It also deals with the regulation and control of social communication processes, which is the responsibility of the Institute of Information and Social Communication.

This issue of the Gazette also includes Decree 101 of the Council of Ministers, a regulation that complements the provisions of the aforementioned Law, with rules and procedures required for the strategic and integrated management of the Social Communication System.

Law 162/2023 was a collective creation, both in its drafting and in the consultation and exchange process, which involved the participation of more than 7,500 people, including students, university professors, journalists, artists, social communicators, professionals and experts in other disciplines.

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