En este momento estás viendo Nicaragua interested in accessing Brics Bank loans
Wálmaro Gutiérrez, deputy to the Nicaraguan National Assembly. Photo: PL

Nicaragua interested in accessing Brics Bank loans

Congressman Wálmaro Gutiérrez affirmed that one of Nicaragua’s current interests in becoming a member of the Brics is to be able to access soft loans from the Brics Bank for infrastructure projects and works.

In declarations to the Informe Pastrán bulletin, the president of the Economy and Budget Commission of the National Assembly (parliament), said that Nicaragua is committed to being a beneficiary of these funds, which is a strategic and legitimate interest.

The parliamentarian added that in order to overcome the diplomacy of the US dollar and its aggressions, Managua is taking action to stop using the Swift financial platform (a system that facilitates the movement of capital between countries) and to prevent this tool from being used for rewards and punishments.

In this sense, he added that they are seeking to use Russia’s MIR platform, which operates successfully in other countries and allows transactions to be carried out in national currencies.

On the other hand, he alluded to the challenges facing Nicaraguans, since it is not enough to open new and better markets «if we do not decide to increase and develop our productive capacities and our tools for production».

«And also to defend peace. Peace is not negotiable, just like sovereignty. Peace is defended. Therefore, we believe that if we have a climate of peace, a government that opens new and better markets and at the same time promotes tools to improve production (…), I believe that there is very good news for the Nicaraguan people,» he said.

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