En este momento estás viendo Netflix brings back the glory of The Godfather

Netflix brings back the glory of The Godfather

Netflix brings back the splendour of The Godfather by including it in its catalogue today, because to remember is to live again, and to experience its exquisite composition once more is a pleasure for cinephiles.

In this 1972 film, its director, the American Francis Ford Coppola, brought together a luxury cast in which stars such as Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, James Cann, Robert Duvall and Diane Keaton stand out.

No one, not even the most seasoned critic, would dare to question the innumerable merits of the film, which stands out for its meticulous photography, script, music and cast, applauded on more than one occasion by specialists.

In a journey of two hours and 55 minutes, the experienced filmmaker takes us through the ins and outs of one of the five families of the New York Mafia in the 1940s, led by Don Vito Corleone (Marlon Brando), according to the synopsis.

When Corleone, against the advice of «Il consigliere» Tom Hagen (Robert Duvall), refuses to participate in the drug business, the boss of another gang orders his assassination, which leads to a violent war between the different clans, it adds.

In FilmAffinity’s rankings, The Godfather appears in several categories: Best Drama Movies, Best Movies of the 1970s, Best American Movies of All Time, Best Crime Movies, and Best Movies in Film History.

Its extensive catalogue of awards, including three Oscars, five Golden Globes, and a BAFTA, comes as no surprise.

«The Godfather» is a big word. The first two parts are among the 10 best films in the history of cinema,» reports El Mundo.

Meanwhile, El País celebrates one of the most outstanding figures of the New Hollywood: «Coppola invents a new approach to cinema and broadens the horizons of an industry that was crying out for new blood».

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