En este momento estás viendo Morón prepares dynamic test for popular referendum

Morón prepares dynamic test for popular referendum

The Avilanian municipality of Morón keeps getting the polling stations ready and continues the preparation of the authorities for the dynamic test next Sunday, in view of the popular referendum of the Family Code that will take place all over Cuba on the 25th of the current month.

During the first stage of the day, the organizational and insurance issues will be checked in all the districts and schools of the territory, which will allow ratifying that they meet the conditions required in the process.

José Ridel Prieto Claro, president of the Electoral Council in the territory, explained that the second moment will correspond to a practical exercise, and this activity aims at checking the processing of the information through the different levels, starting from the schools up to the municipality.

Once the dynamic test is finished, a summary meeting will be held in order to evaluate the difficulties identified to solve the problems in the shortest possible time in view of the referendum.

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