En este momento estás viendo Cuban basketball players land on their feet in the U.S.
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Cuban basketball players land on their feet in the U.S.

Despite the defeat, they showed a very good image and overcame the many difficulties they faced.

The scoreboard of the basketball game between Cuba and the United States on Thursday, corresponding to the qualifying window for the Fiba AmeriCup 2025, did not attract as much attention as the good play of the West Indians.

As it turned out, despite the difficulties they faced, they fell on their feet against the Americans at the Silver Spur Arena in Osceola, Florida.

Even the 100-79 scoreboard in favor of the home team seemed less bulky than what could have been expected, if one takes into account the extra-sporting setbacks suffered. In addition to the known absences of Howard Sant Roos and Yoanki Mencia, there were Pedro Bombino and Marcos Chacon, who were denied visas by the host country to attend the game.

As a result, they had to travel with eight men, and the hill got steeper with the departure of Sergio Machado’s team, which left the team with only seven members.

But there was no lack of commitment and talent from those who did defend the colors of Cuba, and based on a redoubled effort, they gave the image of a team that puts the will and the brilliance of talent before any affront, no matter how complex it may seem.

The understanding of the situation for the tactical approach was decisive. Preserving the physicality with only two substitutions requires patience and order.

This is how Osmel Planas approached the match. Proof of this can be found in the fact that only four counter-attacking points were scored to 22 by the opponents.

The pause did not mean the ephemeral loss of time, but the starting point for the organization that had in Sigfredo «Tito» Casero a meticulous and effective marshal. Up front, Reinaldo García (19) and Jasiel Rivero (16) proved that they can do damage and score points against any of the opponents to come.

Despite the huge advantages of the locals and the lack of physical depth of the visitors, the former had to press the accelerator when the Cuban mechanics worked and while the physicality accompanied the overexertion, contrary to the excessively open game that some expected.

The numbers were very similar in the shots in the paint, but in the long distance was the notable difference in favor of the winners and the inefficiency of the Caribbeans in that aspect was confirmed.

Something similar happened with the defense of the boards, in which the absence of the big men and the assumed wear and tear was noticed. However, the good news was the excellent effectiveness at the free-throw line with a pleasing 89% that surprised all and sundry.

The balance, beyond the result, can only be valued in positive signs, such as the performance of the technical director, who deserved a remarkable mark, despite the fact that he had to face the contingency.

Next Sunday, these same teams will face each other at the Havana Sports City Coliseum, knowing that the Bahamas was able to beat Puerto Rico 88-77. Thousands of those who were filled with hope today will surely be there because the defeat did not tarnish the performance.

Then they will play with a full team and perhaps some will dare to dream of more pleasant outcomes than the reality of both teams can awaken. What does seem to be assured is that this team deserves all the confidence.

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