En este momento estás viendo March of the sugar harvest checked in Morón
Foto: Radio Morón

March of the sugar harvest checked in Morón

The march of the sugarcane cutting and shooting tasks in Morón was analyzed in the actual scenarios of the current sugar harvest by leaders of the Party and the government in the territory.

The delegation made up of Nilka Mirelys Drake, first secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, and Celia María López Reyes, president of the Municipal Assembly, shared with operators of the sugarcane combine squads, as well as with the personnel in charge of shooting sugarcane, about the

main incidents that hinder the full performance of this essential task.

Among other aspects, the technical problems of the equipment were checked, alternatives that are adopted in case of unforeseen breakages, as well as what is inherent to food, operation of the mobile kitchen-dining rooms of the mechanized squads, and other concerns of the harvest process personnel.

The willingness of these groups to maintain high productivity was verified, as it is an essential objective of the economy of the territory.

(Written by Leonel Iparraguirre González)

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