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Guamajales; local development project dedicated to the production of dry condiments/Photos Amador Rodríguez López

Local development projects grow in Majagua

According to Resolution 2921 of the Economy and Planning Department, 11 local development projects are located in the municipality of Majagua.

Mable, whose corporate purpose is the production of furniture; Guamajales, a producer of dry condiments; La Finquita, with dairy products; Adanmara, household goods, and the Limones Palmero Cultural Association, make up the group of groups in charge of materializing their actions in favor of the community.

Approved, but in execution of their constructive structures are La Vereda, of Tropical Fruits, located in the district of Mamonal; D’ Jorge, Recreational Complex in Majagua, and Cruz Morera, associated with small livestock, and Agroindustrial Ganadero La Estrella, the latter two in areas of Orlando Gonzalez.

Caridad Martín Díaz, municipal director of Local Development, in relation to the projects being worked on with a view to their approval, listed: D’ Vladimir, sausages and smoked products, as well as Agroindustrial Majagua, whose function will be the production of breads and sweets.

Likewise, the same source argued that there are six small and medium-sized companies in the southwest of the province, five of them private and one state-owned, as is the case of the MIPYME Complejo Recreativo Río Majagua.

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