En este momento estás viendo Lebanese resistance strikes heavy blows against the Israeli army (+Photo)

Lebanese resistance strikes heavy blows against the Israeli army (+Photo)

In support of the Palestinian people facing unprecedented Israeli genocide in the Gaza Strip, the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon (Hizbullah) today carried out a series of attacks on Israeli army positions and military installations.

According to reports from correspondents of the pan-Arab Al-Mayadeen channel in southern Lebanon, assault drones struck Tel Aviv military concentrations inside the «Al-Metulla» settlement, leaving confirmed casualties.}

Resistance fighters also attacked with dozens of Katyusha rockets and artillery shells the headquarters of the 769th Eastern Brigade of the 91st Division in response to the occupier’s attacks on the villages of Yaron and Khiam.

Other guided missile operations targeted spy equipment at the Al-Metulla site, while a kamikaze drone caused casualties in the ranks of the Zionist military at the Al-Baghdadi site.

The impact of dozens of shells left considerable damage to military installations at the Israeli military sites of Ramtha and Samaqa in the occupied Lebanese hills of Kfarshouba, and Zabdin in the occupied Shab’a Farms.

Hizbullah attacked on Wednesday with «Al-Falaq» type missiles the facilities of the «Blassan» military industries complex, which specialises in armouring Israeli army vehicles, leaving considerable damage.

The day before, Hizbullah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said in a speech that Israeli threats to widen and escalate the war do not frighten resistance fighters.

The Israeli enemy and its American master know that unleashing a war against Lebanon will have regional repercussions and no place in Israel will be safe from the resistance’s missiles and drones,» Nasrallah said.

The Lebanese resistance has claimed that its attacks are a response to Israeli genocide and says it will continue its actions until the war of extermination in Gaza, which has killed 37,202 Palestinians and injured 84,932, is stopped.

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