En este momento estás viendo Jardines del Rey welcomes participants to FitCuba 2024
Photo Radio Morón

Jardines del Rey welcomes participants to FitCuba 2024

A warm welcome for the participants in the International Tourism Fair will be given this Thursday by the Jardines del Rey Destination, where a varied programme of activities will be held until Sunday, May 5th.

According to the organisers of FitCuba 2024, the event will allow the celebration of workshops, business forums and conferences, where various current issues related to this important sector will be addressed.

Among the participants in this edition of the Fair are Tour Operators, Travel Agencies, Hotel and Transport Companies, as well as entities dedicated to leisure.

The Jardines del Rey Tourist Destination has undergone a process that has provided a change of image, among others, the setting of the airport and the access point to the cay, as well as changes in the signposting.

In the La Gaviota Shopping Centre, for example, construction improvements were made and Palmares prepared a playground for the enjoyment of children, as well as other areas to multiply the services. (Written by Leonel Iparraguirre González)

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