En este momento estás viendo Jardines del Rey described as a splendid destination for Chinese tourism

Jardines del Rey described as a splendid destination for Chinese tourism

The Jardines del Rey tourist destination, located to the north of the Avilanian municipality of Morón, is diversifying its offerings with the intention of attracting Chinese visitors, which would increase the number of those interested in the area’s natural attractions.

Foreign visitors who come to Jardines del Rey highlight nautical recreation as the destination’s main attraction, Arley Rodríguez, commercial director of the Marinas branch, told Xinhua news agency.

He said they offer various products designed for customers to enjoy the natural beauty of the area. «We have two of the most beautiful coral reefs in the Americas from the point of view of marine fauna,» he said.

Two catamarans, each with a capacity of 80 people, run safaris to these impressive coral reefs, which are some of the largest in the Caribbean. They surround Media Luna, an islet of just 13.7 hectares and a maximum height of three metres above sea level. In addition to its natural beauty, it stands out as a ‘marine museum’, with the remains of a ship that sank around 1920.

«We have a huge number of repeat customers because of the services and the characteristics of the area,» added Rodríguez, who also acts as a guide for the marine safaris.

They are currently developing products to suit the tastes of Chinese tourists, a market of great interest. «Chinese tourism can fit in very well with all our activities,» said Rodriguez, stressing that the aim is to achieve the insertion and repeat business of this market in Jardines del Rey.

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