En este momento estás viendo IV edition of Natur-Arte 2024 begins

IV edition of Natur-Arte 2024 begins

From today January 5 until January 7 between 9:00 am and 12:00 noon, the IV edition of Natur-Arte 2024 will take place at the headquarters of La Madriguera, Jesús Peregrino street between Infanta and final, an alternative project based on art and nature, focused on culture and all its manifestations.

This is a festival that every year adds new artists, new ventures, new projects, and this 2024, as something new, we bring entrepreneurs bazaar. Natur-Arte began in 2017 and was developed in 2018 and 2019, but with the arrival of COVID we had to stop, the spaces were closed, and well nothing, we are already in its fourth edition and I hope it does not stop, said to the Cuban News Agency Sahily Borrero, Director and producer of the Natur-Arte Festival.

Workshops, plastic arts, crafts, sound, dances, exchange of experiences between projects, photography exhibitions, painting, sculptures, dance competitions, exhibitions, entrepreneurs bazaar, audiovisual exhibitions, children’s parties, concerts, work with the elderly, graffiti and much more, will be part of this edition.

Since its inception, the main objectives of this festival have been, firstly, to work with children and adolescents so that they find in one way or another their talents or gifts through art; that is why it is called Natur-Arte, it is nature within art and vice versa and secondly to make women visible, especially Cuban women in particular and also black women, but well, it is open to all people, said the director.

It only remains for me to invite everyone to the Natur-Arte Festival and as this year’s slogan says, «There you go if you miss it,» added Sahily Borrero, who then provided us with the Natur-Arte 2024 program.

Friday, January 5

9: 00am Welcome

10:00am Entrepreneurship talk

Afrodescendant Neighborhood Network

More than llé, More than Okó, More than Omo


We carry it Rizo

1:00pm Entrepreneurs Bazaar

Intervention of the Visual Arts Project La Vnaguardia


Rizo Libre

2:00 pm Natural Cosmetics Project «Sedavid».

3:00 pm Download among women


Mercedes and Amelia

Saint Massiel

5:00pm Photography Expo, photographer Sahily Borrero with Djs Asia

6:00pm Djs Mujeres en Escena

Dj Samy

Dj Ikari Night

Dj Frehela


Dj Asia

9:00pm-12:00am Tribute to Lourdes Suarez (audivisual)

Presented by Mayara


Saturday, January 6th

10:00 am Photography and painting workshops for children (from 6 to 15 years old with parental supervision)

11:00pm Children’s show of the Folkloric Ensemble

Los Titos modeling

Singing and Dancing for Elegguá by AsheOkan

Children’s Party (Sahily and Gaby)

1:00pm Music Production Workshop (El Opu3sto)

2:00pm Djs Exhibition

Lino El Asesino

Miguelito El Muerto

Black Spot


Exbitions of: Graffiti, tattoo, Barbers free, Bazaar of Entrepreneurs «La Vnaguardia» and other projects.

5:00pm Freestyle exhibition led by Marlon B.

6:00pm Breakdance Competition led by Yusniel B. boy

8:00pm Tribute to Malcom junco justice (audivisual)

Concert «Ni Nueva Ni Vieja», Simplemente HipHop

Dj Acerecob

Sunday, January 7th

1:00pm Audiovisuals




Imprivisation and more.

500pm Open Mic (for artists who are not at the concerts).

7:00pm Djs

8:00pm Concert

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