International exhibition of educational cinema projected in Ciego de Ávila schools

Photos: Miladys Causilla Cutino

The strengthening of social values is the main objective of the International Educational Film Festival that is screened in schools in Ciego de Ávila until next April 9.

Ebel Sarduy Galvín, artistic education methodologist in this province, reported that, among others, films from the Ananá project, Filming fantasies and Kikirito are being viewed, as well as the titles Love in adolescence, From Primary to High School, Mirror of feelings and Network addiction.

The manager added that the films made in different parts of the world, in the short film, fiction, animation, documentary and report genres, strengthen the use of audiovisual media as a basic learning tool, supported by the use of new technologies.

The International Educational Film Showcase is a training platform that exhibits the results of projects aimed at the development and appreciation of this artistic expression among the new generations.

It is also aimed at promoting audiovisual education and cinema, with screenings of films made in educational environments with an eye on reading and writing images, as well as the exhibition of professional films for children.

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