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Insufficient use of telecommuting in Chambas described as inadequate

The lack of adaptation to telecommuting and teleworking in Chambas was highlighted by Tania Trujillo Rodríguez, municipal director of labour and social security.

According to the official, only 203 citizens have joined teleworking, while only 3 people practice teleworking.

This situation has been described as anachronistic by Trujillo Rodríguez, who also mentioned that many managers do not understand the advantages of these modalities.

Faced with this problem, the employment department has decided to take measures to raise awareness of the importance of teleworking. Staff from this department have visited different local entities in order to promote and explain the benefits of these practices. One of the aspects highlighted is the energy savings that can be achieved in the collectives, especially in a complicated national context.

In this sense, Trujillo Rodríguez emphasised the importance of supervising the fulfilment of the tasks assigned to those who use telecommuting and teleworking. This check is key to guaranteeing the effectiveness and compliance with the commitments required for each job.

The Cuban Labour Code establishes that these modalities must be agreed upon voluntarily by both parties and have the same rights and obligations as face-to-face work. (By Yaimer Mujica Pérez)

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