En este momento estás viendo Palestinian leadership condemns U.S. support for Israeli aggression

Palestinian leadership condemns U.S. support for Israeli aggression

The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) criticized the United States for its sustained support of Israel in its war against the Gaza Strip, under fire since October 7, Wafa reported today.

At a meeting last night, the PLO Executive Committee called for continued coordination to unify the Arab position in the face of Washington-backed Israeli aggression, the official Palestinian news agency noted.

It also reiterated its rejection of attempts to forcibly displace the population of the coastal enclave, where tens of thousands of dead and wounded are reported.

According to Wafa, the agency also rejected any plan to create a government to run the West Bank and Gaza independent of the PLO, the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people.

The Executive Committee addressed «the situation in the Palestinian territories, in light of the continuing Zionist aggression and the brutal massacres committed against our people in the Gaza Strip and several cities, camps and villages in the West Bank.»

He also denounced the crimes committed by Israel against thousands of Palestinian prisoners.

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