En este momento estás viendo In El Palmar, there is a commitment to vote

In El Palmar, there is a commitment to vote

In the remote community of El Palmar in Ciego de Ávila lives a humble population that is willing to offer its vote for the candidates for deputies to Parliament.

The community leader, Edel Celina Morales Cueto, says that the residents have confidence that the proposals will help solve the problems with the people, because life is hard and the salary is not enough to solve the needs.

This woman who works in the Pantry in the provincial hospital points out that her neighborhood in vulnerable conditions has a very concerned constituency delegate who is making an effort to transform the place together with the sponsors of the Azutecnia Company BaseUnit.

In the small Avilanian community of El Palmar there are hard-working people willing to vote early and for everyone in the general elections of the People’s Power scheduled for this Sunday.

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