En este momento estás viendo Water supply restored from the South conduit in Ciego de Avila
Photo: Taken from EAACAV Facebook profile.

Water supply restored from the South conduit in Ciego de Avila

The provincial directorate of Aqueduct and Sewage in Ciego de Avila informs the population that from the early hours of this Monday the water supply began downtown and Roberto Rivas Fraga Popular Councils, in the provincial capital.

Wilber Sarmiento Sarmiento, director of this entity in the territory, reported that after resolving a break in one of the water distribution nodes belonging to the 800 millimetre pipe in the southern zone, routine tests were carried out and the pipes were filled at around 12 midnight, followed by the opening of the valves.

He also explained that during the night the Onelio Hernández Popular Council will be supplied, as well as the delivery in pipes to places where there is no drinking water service.

The director explained that as the days go by, the service will be normalised until the three-day delivery cycle is restored.

Wilber Sarmiento acknowledged the effort and commitment to a rapid response of the collective of workers of the CiegoPlast Accessories Production company, as well as the forces of the Cuito Cuanavales mainland, the Bécquer hydraulic repair Mipyme, the brigades of Hydraulic Resources, Aqueduct and Sewerage in the province, who since last Friday have worked uninterruptedly to provide a solution to the breakdown and restore the service in the shortest possible time.

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