En este momento estás viendo Ciego de Ávila complied with the sugarcane planting plan from January to April
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Ciego de Ávila complied with the sugarcane planting plan from January to April

In the midst of difficulties of various kinds during the 2022-2023 sugar harvest in the province of Ciego de Ávila, the end of April brought the good news that it is the only one in the country to comply with its cane planting plan for the stage of the first quarter.

Eduardo Larrosa Vázquez, director of coordination and technical supervision of the Azcuba Sugar Group in the province, reported that 1,855 hectares were planted, 101% of what was planned in the period.

He added that the agro-industrial sugar companies Ciro Redondo and Primero de Enero exceeded their commitment, while Ecuador and Enrique Varona fell short.

The realization of this goal is very important, since it ensures that all the cane planted in the first months of the year can be processed in the next mill.

In the current milling, Ciego de Ávila is at 74% compliance with its sugar plan, a figure that has not been higher due to the occurrence of a series of imponderables such as the failure of the bioelectric plant next to the Ciro Redondo power plant for 35 days for a frequency break from the national electric power system (between February and early March), the rains and affectations in the fuel supply.

On the last subject, Larrosa Vázquez commented that this Thursday the stoppage of operations had been forced for six days due to the marked deficit that the country faces in the supply of diesel, which affects the cutting and carriage of the cane from the fields to the jogger.

It is necessary to remember that in recent weeks tensions have been faced in the entry of oil tankers and its derivatives to Cuba due to difficulties with suppliers, and the vast majority of available energy carriers have been prioritized for electricity generation.

The Avilanian strategy focuses on linking all the cane in the territory to the tipper of the modern Ciro Redondo sugar mill, with emphasis on that located in areas of the Enrique Varona sugar agro-industrial company, until the May rains allow the milling to develop.

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