En este momento estás viendo Hermanos Saíz Association Awarding of Scholarships and Awards 2023

Hermanos Saíz Association Awarding of Scholarships and Awards 2023

The Hermanos Saíz Association (AHS) presented its Scholarships and Awards corresponding to the 2023 edition, at its headquarters in the Pabellón Cuba, in this capital city.

Yasel Toledo, national president of the AHS, told the Cuban News Agency that to participate in these contests, creativity, deep-rootedness and Cuban identity are essential qualities.

Toledo pointed out that the initiative is aimed at young people -members or not of the organization- up to 35 years of age who wish to participate, and the call is open practically throughout the year depending on the events.

Amelia Apolinario, winner of the literature scholarship «La Noche», said that the recognition is a motivation for artists to continue developing and is an aid to materialize their projects.

Yennifer Lugo, winner of the Adolfo Llauradó Female Acting Award in Theater, acknowledged the importance of encouraging the work of young talents in the Greater Antilles through contests of this kind.

The winners of the «Artes Visuales», «Chicuelo», «Frónesis», «Pensamiento Ernesto Che Guevara» and «Milanés» scholarships were artists Mario Enrique Briño, Giselle Lucía Navarro, Roberto Félix Carbonell Moliner; Diana Rosa Ramos García, Adriel Bosch Cascaret; Roberto Ráez Ávila, Darling María Reyes and Yohandry Marrero Manzano Castillo, and José Antonio García Caballero, respectively.

Nathalie Morales, Lázaro Miguel Ledón Cabrera, Keyla Galarraga Acosta, Yosiel Vega Reyes and Jorge Pedro Hernández Mederos were recognized in their different categories with the «Ramiro Guerra» Dance Awards. The «Adolfo Llauradó» award went to actors Ingrid Lobaina Ruiz, Jennifer Pupo Gómez, Julianner Suárez Vázquez, Ariadna Sadé García, Geyla Neira Ramírez, Dorian Díaz de Villegas, Edel González Govea, Johan Ramos López, and the «Aire Frío» award went to Ledier Alonso Cabrera.

On this occasion, the Septeto Agranel was awarded the «Ignacio Villa» Music Scholarship, organized by the AHS, the Cuban Institute of Music and the Recording and Music Publishing Company.

The purpose of the AHS Scholarships and Awards is to accompany, stimulate and promote the work of the country’s new writers and artists.

In conjunction with the Ministry of Culture and its institutions, various artistic projects are materialized.

On Thursday, it was announced the opening of the calls for applications from January 2024.

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