En este momento estás viendo People’s protagonism to obtain the 26th of July venue (+Photos)

People’s protagonism to obtain the 26th of July venue (+Photos)

The people’s council Garaita, in this central Cuban province, is today an example of popular participation in the solution of community problems, an important link in the headquarters for the 26th of July.

Dr. Yovanis Eduardo Vázquez, secretary of the Municipal Assembly of People’s Power of Sancti Spiritus, told Prensa Latina that the work and actions undertaken by this council were taken into consideration by the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party when assessing the awarding of the national act for the anniversary.

Likewise, the municipality was a winner and continues to promote economic and social objectives of vital importance for the integral development for the benefit of the population, Vázquez affirmed.

The good socio-political climate and the results in the state and peasant agricultural sector, in marketing and in indispensable sectors such as health, with a low infant mortality rate, education and services, are recognised, he explained.

We are all called upon to continue with the same spirit of work, in economic and social life, as a worthy tribute to the celebration of the Day of National Rebellion, he stressed.

He pointed out that various popular councils of the municipality are a reference in community work, among them Kilo 12 and Garaita, where he has been a delegate for more than five years.

The secretary of the local Assembly, a native of the eastern province of Granma, settled in Sancti Spiritus after his mission in Bolivia, where he lives with his wife, a nurse, and two of his three children.

He recalled that when he arrived in that community – on the outskirts of the Yayabera capital – more than two decades ago it needed a transformation, to improve living conditions with the participation of all, it was perhaps a dream come true, he said.

In constituency 126, with 1,426 inhabitants, he recounts, he lived through very complex moments during the Covid-19 pandemic, a closed zone where food, medicine and personalised attention was given in homes until the disease was overcome, he said.

This contribution of doctors, nurses, young university students and support groups marked a revival in the Garaita area, where its service centres, family doctor’s and educational facilities are being renovated.

Even though not everything has been achieved, it is a reference neighbourhood in the province that is now consolidating its achievements to celebrate the 71st anniversary of the assaults on the Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes barracks.

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