En este momento estás viendo Health specialists carry out community intervention in Majagua
Photos: Amador Rodríguez López

Health specialists carry out community intervention in Majagua

The areas of the 5 de Septiembre primary school, in the micro district of Majagua, were the scene for the community intervention carried out by a team of specialists from the Doctor Antonio Luaces Iraola Provincial Hospital, in Ciego de Ávila.

The delegation, headed by the director of the aforementioned care center and deputy to the Cuban parliament, Dr. Alberto Moronta Enrique, was received by the main authorities of the territory accompanied by residents and poetic expressions, while the words of welcome were given by the deputy municipal director of assistance, also doctor, Keiler Crespo Santana.

Subsequently, doctors and patients went to the classrooms eventually converted into consultation rooms to provide the dozens of people of different ages who came to the place with the medical attention that their illnesses demanded and which generated emotional expressions of gratitude.

María Elena Pereira Camejo, who went with her husband to the urology consultation, praised the initiative, otherwise, she said, they would have needed to travel, something complicated for older people. For her part, Luisa Caballero Abreu, treated in orthopedics and angiology, highlighted the affection with which she was treated, while Carmen Rodríguez García, a patient in the cardiology and optometry consultations, described the meeting with the specialists as wonderful.

Workers from the food processing center and the Collection Company also came to the place to facilitate the acquisition of products for the visitors, while in statements to the press, Dr. Moronta Enrique, argued that the objective of the workshops “Embracing the Neighborhood” health is to bring these services closer to the communities, and next year it is planned to extend them to areas of other municipalities.

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