En este momento estás viendo Gilda’s reasons
Photo: Amador Rodríguez López

Gilda’s reasons

The charms of the vegetation and the active movement of the waters of the river of her native Guayacanes, may have had a great influence in the formation of this active woman who does not stop in the face of difficulties.

The two rural schools that existed in her area of residence were witnesses to her interest in self-improvement, which together with her desire to be useful, when the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC) was created 61 years ago, she did not delay in assuming important responsibilities.

When the family moved to the head town of the municipality, the fact of being married, working in a garment workshop and being the mother of four girls, did not stop Gilda Pina Martínez from assuming the responsibility of general secretary of block number 30, in the Barrio Nuevo neighborhood, made up of six delegations.

The also tireless defender of the cultural traditions of the territory treasures, among her multiple experiences, that of being an activist, base leader, as well as promoting and participating in important productive tasks, in the care of children and the elderly, beautifying the environment and organizing attractive festive proposals at the request of the community.

Her four offspring, today in sewing work, a nurse who fulfills international missions, a worker in the electricity sector and an auditor in an oil structure, are her closest students in the tasks of the women’s organization, without forgetting the support of her husband with whom she intends to celebrate in three years the six decades of marital union.

This August 23 it is impossible for the outstanding women’s block to be able to vibrate with the joy that has always characterized the celebration of this significant date due to the latest events, but it is present in the community projects that the country is carrying out and that require the creative talent of women, reasons that motivate Gilda and her troop to set out new endeavors from the trenches of combat.

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