En este momento estás viendo From today, the 3rd International Congress on Science and Education

From today, the 3rd International Congress on Science and Education

From today until 19 June, the III International Congress «Science and Education» will be held at the Palacio de las Convenciones in Havana, with the central theme Research and Innovation: Agenda 2030.

In this context, the V Global Meeting of Academic and Research Products in Education will take place, with the participation of 15 countries and as a novelty, the presentation of the World Prize for Children 2024.

An inaugural conference on the III Perfeccionamiento del Sistema Nacional de Educación: su concreción en el sistema de gestión de gobierno basado en Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación will be held on this first day, by Dr. C. Silvia Navarro Quintero, director of the Instituto Central de Ciencias Pedagógicas de Cuba.

Within the academic framework, collateral events will be held to strengthen alliances between disciplines and theoretical actions such as the Forum of Good Practices in academic and scientific training, the International Colloquium Early Childhood: from gestation to the future, the International Workshop on good and successful practices in the management of scientific activity; the colloquia Open Science, Education and Research, Necessary Education and Education and Society: challenges and perspectives.

There will also be workshops and panels on family and community in socio-educational inclusion, attention to talent in institutions, social transformation and its challenges from the sciences, adoption of emerging technologies in the contemporary educational context and one dedicated to the role of women in science.

Other topics to be discussed include health promotion, neurosciences and education, sexuality in the inclusive school with a focus on gender and law, cultural decolonisation and evaluation of the quality of education, and topics associated with school sport and physical activity.

Once again Cuba opens its doors to professionals of knowledge and knowledge, confident that a better world is possible.

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