En este momento estás viendo Food from door to door through e-commerce in Ciego de Ávila

Food from door to door through e-commerce in Ciego de Ávila

The inhabitants of the city of Ciego de Ávila can now receive a beneficial service with the purchase, through e-commerce, of some ready-made foodstuffs that are delivered to the door of their homes.

This is the commercial brand Son de la Tierra, which produces a variety of foods in the mini-industry El Placer, associated to the credit and service cooperative Reinaldo Maning in the town of Lázaro López, in Majagua.

This project is part of the Program to Support Sustainable Agriculture, which strives to advance food sovereignty and meet the basic needs of the avilanian family.

Through the social networks WhatsApp and Telegram, Son de la Tierra promotes and executes its online sales, with great acceptance in the first days of established.

Its current offers are packaged in sealed nylon and consist of sauces (tomato, pizza, chili, spicy), pickles (okra, mixed, bean), mango jam, vegetable spreadable cream, onion paste, among others, and they intend to increase some snacks, such as plantains in tostones and pre-prepared pork rinds.

Son de la Tierra has the double benefit of being a source of employment for men and women, from those who plant and harvest the products, to those who elaborate them in the mini-industry and those who receive the orders and distribute them at the doors of the homes.

This is only the beginning of a project that, with the eagerness of its workers, can grow and grow until it satisfies the demand of the population.

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